Thursday, January 22, 2009

The work seen on this page

The sculptures on this page are from the fall 2008 semester. I made four major projects- two are shown here. The wire sculpture shown below was my midterm. Made over two months, with God knows how much wire, easily over 200 feet, I constructed a 3D model of a baseball glove. 

The assignment for my final project was to make a life-sized sculpture out of cardboard and hot glue only. I decided to create a sculpture of Davy Jones, a villain in the Pirates of the Caribbean movies, with a squid-tentacle beard, a peg leg, a lobster claw, and countless other weird things to ensure that my task would be as hard as possible. So, over a two month period, I created Davy Jones from the ground up, forming an underlying skeleton first, and then building up form on top of that. 

Any of the other work is work I've done over the past four years. Examples of my artwork from my fall 2008 drawing class are coming soon; I'm having technical difficulties with my camera. 

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